Mission Statement

The American Spaniel Club Foundation (The Foundation and/or ASC Foundation) is the only nonprofit 501c3 with the mission of bettering the life of Cocker Spaniels through research, education, and rescue.     

We achieve this mission through three initiatives.   

  • The Foundation contributes to and/or directly sponsors veterinary research programs to improve the health of Cocker Spaniels by understanding and attempting to eliminate the diseases, genetic abnormalities, and injuries that impact them.
  • The Foundation works to ensure that every Cocker Spaniel has a good home and adequate veterinary care by providing financial assistance to and promotion of a national network of affiliated local rescue organizations.
  • The Foundation provides education and information on health and research topics that promote intelligent breeding, care, and knowledge of Cocker Spaniels.

All of these initiatives are to better the lives of Cocker Spaniels everywhere.  They are funded by frequent fundraising programs, legacy giving initiatives, and communications performed in partnership with American Spaniel Club members, the Cocker Spaniel fancy, and corporations