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The ASCF Rescue Network Member (aka Affiliate) Program allows Rescuers (whether Individuals or Rescue Organizations) to apply for funds from the American Spaniel Club Foundation (ASCF) for medical expenses related to Rescuing Cocker Spaniels.  In addition, you or your organization will be listed in our Directory of Rescue Groups, and may be contacted to help a Cocker in need in your area.

To become an ASCF Affiliate, you will need to fill out an Application, then agree to, and sign the Code of Ethics, and be approved by the Committee.  You must meet ASCF standards and requirements and have access to discounted veterinary services.  Once approved, you will be able to request reimbursement of allowed expenses.

Standard reimbursable procedures include typical intake expenses such as vaccinations, fecal testing & deworm, heartworm testing, microchip insertion, sterilization, dental services (with veterinary need), monthly heartworm medication (while in the affiliate’s care), and topical & antibiotic medications for ear infections.   

Larger expenses must be pre-approved, and include items such as tooth extractions, cherry eye surgery, heartworm treatment, ophthalmologist exams and procedures, ear surgeries, etc.

To answer any questions or obtain a reimbursement form contact Andrea Floyd, the Foundation Rescue Chair at

As you can see, being an ASCF Rescue Affiliate can greatly benefit your rescue efforts, and we encourage you to apply to our Affiliate Program!

Note that there are limits to how much we can reimburse per service and per animal, not all services are covered, and receipts are strictly required.  All reimbursements are subject to available funding.  Submitting a Reimbursement Request is not a guarantee that reimbursement is possible.  Please contact Andrea Floyd, Foundation Rescue Chair, for more details at

This Code is established under the authority of the Board of Directors of the American Spaniel Club and the American Spaniel Club Foundation. It is intended to set forth guiding principles and minimum standards of practice to which the ASCF would have Cocker Spaniel Rescues adhere.

Each rescuer applying to join the ASCF Rescue Affiliate list, and be listed at the ASC website directory and applying for ASCF financial aid must sign the Cocker Spaniel Rescue Code of Ethics.

Select the Printable Code of Ethics and sign & date the form and send to the email listed below.  An online version is below for your review.



  1. To perform Cocker Spaniel Rescue as a non -profit endeavor. My rescue work will be voluntary, not performed to profit any organization or individual. 
  2. To assure that Rescue Cocker Spaniels are not bred by spaying or neutering all dogs before adopting them to new owners unless there is a compelling medical reason not to spay/neuter before adoption. If I place a dog intact due to a compelling medical reason, I will thoroughly educate the adopter on the risks of accidental breeding and precautions that must be taken, require a written agreement by the adopter to prevent the accidental or intentional breeding of the dog, require the adopter to spay or neut er the dog as soon as the medical condition is resolved, and remain in close contact with the adopter to ensure the dog is not bred. If I breed Cocker Spaniels (in addition to handling Rescue Cocker Spaniels) I will do so in accordance with the ASC Code of Ethics and I will not use my rescue activities as a bait-and-switch tactic to sell puppies I breed. 
  3. To house Rescue Cocker Spaniels in safe, humane, sanitary conditions, which meet or exceed all minimum standards as defined by local health, animal control and sanitation authorities, and to provide Rescue Cocker Spaniels with appropriate food, clean water, and shelter. I will pay attention to and care for the emotional needs of the Cocker Spaniels I receive into my Rescue Program. I will provide a secure, stable environment for the dogs and will interact one-on-one with them as much as possible, in order to properly assess their temperament and special needs for placement. 
  4. To provide necessary veterinary care and appropriate routine veterinarian care for Rescue Cocker Spaniels including, as appropriate, regular inoculations, heartworm testing, administration of heartworm preventative, treatment for intestinal parasites, and emergency care. To the best of my abilities and resources, I will provide appropriate medical care and training towards the goal of putting each dog in the best possible condition for a permanent adoption. 
  5. To not knowingly place a vicious or otherwise seriously temperamentally unsound dog in an adoptive home. 
  6. If a dog comes into my rescue’s care with AKC papers or a breeder’s microchip is discovered, I will make a reasonable attempt to contact the breeder to inquire about return of the dog, and/or assistance in placing the dog. In accordance with paragraph 2, the dog would be spayed or neutered before being returned to the breeder, and the breeder would be asked to contribute to that expense. If the dog turns out to be the breeder’s personal dog, every attempt will be made to return the dog to the breeder intact, provide d, however, that this does not violate any county, state or local shelter license requirements, restrictions, laws or regulations.Cocker Spaniel Rescue Code Of Ethics. 
  7. That I will euthanize Rescue Cocker Spaniels that are determined to be unadoptable due to serious health (which impairs the dog’s quality of life) or temperament problems. Rescue Cocker Spaniels that are euthanized will be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian or certified euthanasia technician and properly disposed of. Rescue Cocker Spaniels that are deemed unadoptable due to serious health may be placed with a humane and knowledgeable hospice care provider, when available. 
  8. To thoroughly evaluate potential adopters utilizing a combination of written applications, home visits, checking vet references, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and personal reference checks, as appropriate, with the goal of placing all Rescue Cocker Spaniels in homes that are appropriate to the Cocker Spaniel breed and specifically appropriate to each individual Rescue Cocker Spaniel’s needs. 
  9. To utilize a written adoption contract for each Rescue Cocker Spaniel. 
  10. To fully disclose all relevant information that is known at the time of placement or adoption regarding the health and temperament of each Rescue Cocker Spaniel. 
  11. To provide each adopter with information on the Cocker Spaniel Breed, common diseases, crate training, housebreaking, basic obedience, and appropriate standard of care. 
  12. To provide follow up advice and assistance to adopters. 
  13. To require every adopter to return the adopted Cocker Spaniel to me if he/she can no longer keep it. I will always accept the return of a dog that has been adopted from me.


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Andrea Floyd

ASCF Rescue Chair