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Where your tax-deductible contributions will help with Rescue and Health Research to improve the lives of all Flushing Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels in particular.


of your donation goes directly to the support of health research, cocker spaniel rescue and education

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The American Spaniel Club Foundation, Inc. through its Board of Directors and committees, will support, promote and implement the objectives of the Foundation...

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Become a volunteer and be part of a group of dedicated people who feel as you do about your beloved breed. Limited time is required to participate and the rewards will be great knowing you have given back to the breed that has given so much to you! Simply fill out the contact form and submit.
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Welcome to the ASCF Store! All proceeds benefit the ASCF. Items listed are great for birthday's, holiday's, raffles, trophies and you!!
Current Contributions made by ASCF to the Rescue Network
Cocker Spaniel Rescue Austin
Mid-South Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Mid-Michigan Cocker Spaniel Rescue
So. Brevard Cocker Spaniel Rescue
CockerPals- Cocker Spaniel Rescue