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Legacy Giving

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In many ways, a gift to the American Spaniel Club Foundation through your will, living trust, retirement fund remainders or other estate planning vehicle can be the perfect way to give.

Future gifts planned today allow you to retain complete control of, and access to, your property for your own needs as long as you or family members need it. Your plans can remain private as long as you wish. If you choose to share your plans with us, we strictly honor all requests to remain anonymous.

The ASC Foundation offers many planned gift options that may fit your situation, such as charitable trusts or bequest provisions. Many of these gift vehicles can provide life income for the donor and major support for the ASC Foundation.

With just a little planning, you can make sure your loved ones and your beloved breed are supported far into the future. We encourage you to act today to plan future gifts that will benefit Cocker Spaniels for decades to come. The ASC Foundation will continue to be a force for the health and well-being for Cocker Spaniels and spaniels in general and it needs your help both now and in the future.


1.  Retirement plans and life Insurance

Naming the ASC Foundation as the beneficiary of your life insurance, 401(k), 403(b), IRA or other retirement plan is a highly tax-efficient and powerful way to provide for the important work of the ASC Foundation. Retirement plan assets left to an heir can be subject to taxes as high as 70%, yet a nonprofit organization can receive all of the assets without tax. You also have the option of designating that a portion of the benefits go to the ASC Foundation.

2.  Living trusts and wills

You can leave a percentage of your estate, a fixed amount, or a residual bequest (the amount left after gifts to loved ones or charity have been made) to the ASC Foundation.

3.  Securities

A donation of appreciated stock, mutual funds, bonds or other appreciated assets maximizes your charitable gift while minimizing the estate tax burden and eliminating capital gains tax.

4. Real estate

Complete or partial gifts of real estate can provide significant resources to the ASC Foundation while reducing multiple tax liabilities.

5. Charitable trusts

Charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts can be highly effective vehicles for providing for yourself, your heirs and the ASC Foundation.


The Legacy Society is a new and growing group of individuals who have taken the initiative to support the ASC Foundation by including the Foundation in their estate plans. Already, may forward-thinking supporters have joined the Legacy Society by letting us know they have made the ASC Foundation a beneficiary of their wills, retirement plans, life insurance, trusts or other estate-planning vehicles. Your gift can provide general operating support for the ASC Foundation's programs or be directed toward a specific program.

For more information on legacy giving with the American Spaniel Club Foundation contact us at: American Spaniel Club Foundation, c/o Marleta McFarlane, ASCF Secretary, 13024 Thomas Rd KPN, Gig Harbor, WA 98329 or

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