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Inherited Cataract Study January 2019 Report

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Report Summary

-- Cataracts appear in age groups of 2-5 and 5-9.  Inheritance is more complex than originally thought - this was presented previously in reports and podcasts from Dr. Aguirre

-- Optigen is no longer involved in the study since their sale to MARS.  There is a new form to use and new contacts are given for questions, etc.  The study is not affected.

-- Although the University continues to seek new entrants into the study and urgently wants updates to those currently in the study - they finally have a candidate group of dogs that they can use for genetic testing.  For the first time they can finally embark on the final leg of the research in hopes of finding links to cataract inheritance.  

-- That final leg will include sequencing the whole genome of several cases and controls.  By comparing the results, the goal will be to identify and confirm candidate regions on the genome where genetic variations occur.  Once done, a deeper analysis of the variants will be possible.

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