American Spaniel Club Foundation, Inc.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue Network Members

Current Size: 100%

The ASCF Rescue Network Member (aka Affiliate) Program allows Rescuers (whether Individuals or Rescue Organizations) to apply for funds from the American Spaniel Club Foundation (ASCF) for medical expenses related to Rescuing Cocker Spaniels.  In addition, you or your organization will be listed in our Directory of Rescue Groups, and may be contacted to help a Cocker in need in your area.

To become an ASCF Affiliate, you will need to fill out an Application, then agree to, and sign the Code of Ethics, and be approved by the Committee.  You must meet ASCF standards and requirements and have access to discounted veterinary services.  Once approved, you will be able to request reimbursement of allowed expenses.

Standard reimbursable procedures include typical intake expenses such as vaccinations, fecal testing & deworm, heartworm testing, microchip insertion, sterilization, dental services (with veterinary need), monthly heartworm medication (while in the affiliate's care), and topical & antibiotic medications for ear infections.

Larger expenses must be pre-approved, and include items such as tooth extractions, cherry eye surgery, heartworm treatment, ophthalmologist exams and procedures, ear surgeries, etc.

As you can see, being an ASCF Rescue Affiliate can greatly benefit your rescue efforts, and we encourage you to apply to our Affiliate Program!


Please see the menu to the left for the Rescue Kit (good info for Rescues), Code Of Ethics, Reimbursement Forms, and list of Committee Members.

Note that there are limits to how much we can reimburse per service and per animal, not all services are covered, and receipts are strictly required.  All reimbursements are subject to available funding.  Submitting a Reimbursement Request is not a guarantee that reimbursement is possible.  Please contact us for details.