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American Spaniel Club Foundation contributes funds to a network of cocker spaniel rescue groups. Over $60,000.00 has been contributed to these groups for medical attention needed to place the dogs with loving families.  If you are an ASCF affiliate and need a Reimbursement form click the Reinbursement Form menu item on the left of this page.

We Want You To Keep Your Cocker Spaniel

Circumstances can arise when Cocker Spaniel owners feel they must give up their dog. ASCF Rescue wants to guide you towards considering alternatives in the interest of helping you keep your Cocker Spaniel as a beloved family member.

Your Cocker Spaniel is a very special friend who shares many of the same emotions that we humans experience - just look deep into those brown eyes. He should never be considered disposable and always remain an important member of the family.

We want to provide you with possible solutions to any problems which may have arisen, and help your Cocker Spaniel remain in his current loving home. We encourage you to please try and resolve the problems before giving up your dog. We want you to keep your Cocker Spaniel and your Cocker Spaniel wants to keep you. is a comprehensive site on dog training and behavior. We hope that its articles will assist you in solving your problem with your Cocker Spaniel and therefore enable you to keep your Merry Little Friend for life. Good luck and let us know if we have helped. ASCF Rescue cares about you and your Cocker Spaniel.


American Spaniel Club Foundation's 5th Annual Parade of Rescues

The 5th Annual Parade of Rescues was held in Reno at the ASC Cocker Spaniel National Specialty on July 14, 2013 continuing a tradition that began in 2009 when the ASC Specialty was hosted by Zone 4! The annual Parade of Rescues remains a crowd favorite.  During the ceremony, the "How I Came To Be Homeless" stories of ten rescue cockers were shared and the re-homing efforts of rescue groups and individuals acknowledged.  This year, several of the rescue cockers participated in obedience, rally and field events during the national specialty and even showed off new title ribbons!  Personalized rosettes and gift bags were presented to Stella and Jonathan Rowlett with Louie, Heidi and Cherry, Patti and George Kohn with Murphy, Gail Workman with Bailey, Celeste Dwyer with Izzy,Chris Gomez with Cricket, Teri Steed with Kami,  Susan Debock with Betty and Renee Sobie with Boston.  Submitted by:  Collen Keough    (Special thanks to Colleen who volunteered to coordinate this special event!)


Photo courtesy of Kim Kiernan